Monday, January 4, 2016

Bibbity Boppity Bunny Ear Teething Ring (Full Tutorial)

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope the weekend treated you well, we had SNOW! Snow is something that rarely happens in this area (atleast in the Portland area of Oregon, it rarely snows AND sticks but this time it did!). The snow gave me some time to work on a wonderful tutorial for you guys!

Bring on the bippity boppity bunny ear teething ring tutorial!

 This tutorial will provide you with the pattern piece, materials list, and step by step photos on how to construct your own bunny ear wooden (or silicone) ring teether for babies!

These teethers are great for tons of reasons, but here are just a few: they're great for teething, the ribbons provide texture, the fabric piece is completely removable to aid in washing, and if you use bold contrasting fabrics it's great for babies vision!

Lets get started! To make your own teether you will need the following:

  • bunny ear pattern piece
  • 1/8 yard front fabric
  • 1/8 yard back fabric
  • 4 ribbon tabs - approx 3.5 inches long ea.
  • 1 teething ring (birch, maple, silicone)
  • sewing machine
  • thread

Before we start construction lets chat fabric!

For my pieces I prefer using flannel for atleast one of the layers, I find it easy to work with and it comes in tons of cute prints! Quilting cotton and knit fabrics will also work for this pattern. Make sure, no matter what type of fabric you're using, that you wash and dry your fabric before you cut out and construct your pattern piece. This will prevent any shrinking after you've constructed the teether.

Another fabric I'll be trying on the teether is "wrap scrap". Think wraps that moms use to wrap their babies up nice and close! I'll be using a scrap of Jumpsac honeycomb for my front piece, and flannel for my back. This is a new type of material for me so we will see how it works at the end! 

For tutorial purposes I will be using two different flannels: 

Ducks and yellow

Which brings me to my next point: ribbon

When choosing your ribbon pieces you want to make sure that they are machine washable, dry-able, as well as durable. The ribbons will most likely end up getting chewed on by a baby, so you want to make sure they're a good texture and that they don't have any pictures or silk screening that will scrape or flake off over time.

My two main ribbon choices are grosgrain for it's different shape and woven texture and basic satin ribbon with a finished edge for it's smoothness. 

Next up: your teething ring of choice! 

Don't worry, you don't need 4, you only need 1!

I will be using birchwood rings which are sealed with organic beeswax. If you do a search online you can find retailers for birch, maple, and you can also pick up some silicone teething rings too. Whatever you prefer will work, just make sure it's made for the purpose of baby teething and that you know how to maintain it.

Start by downloading and cutting out the pattern piece. Taking your main front fabric, make a fold lengthwise. You will match your pattern piece (with it's fold line) onto your fabric fold and pin in place. Cut out your fabric piece. It should look like this:

Repeat the same step for your backing fabric.

Now cut out your ribbons. You will want 4 ribbon tabs, two for each "bunny ear". Cut them 3.5 inches long.

Start by laying your front fabric, right side facing up.

Fold two of your ribbon tabs in half lengthwise and lay them matching their raw edge to the raw edge on one end of the pattern piece (making sure that your loop is towards the inside). Pin or clip in place. (Here's a picture to help!)

Repeat this step with your remaining two ribbons on the opposite end. You will want your ribbon tabs to be on the same side of the teether. 

Lay your backing piece, right side down ontop of your front pattern piece. You will be sandwiching your ribbon tabs between your two fabric layers with their loops facing in.

Pin or clip around your entire teether to ensure that none of your layers move. 

Sew around your teether with a 3/8" (if you're using thicker fabrics or would like larger bunny ears, use a 1/4" seam allowance), leaving a 2-3" opening along the long edge - shown here with the red line. Make sure to backstitch at the beginning and end.

Trim your seam allowance to 1/4", and snip your rounded ends (but don't snip through the stitching!). This will make it easier to turn and press your finished bunny ear.

 Turn your teether right side out, through the hole.

Fold your raw edges from the hole towards the inside, and press. Top stitch around your teether with a 1/8" seam allowance. This will close your turning hole, and give your teether a finished look.

Now it's time to assemble the teether! You're almost done!

The next part is a little bit hard to explain with words, so I will take photos for each of the steps! 

Start by folding your bunny ears in half.

 Wrap the long center portion over your ring.

Open the loop and push the ends of the bunny ears up and through.

Pull the bunny ears through the hole, and pull tight.

Your teether is done! 

As I said, one of the best parts of these teethers is that they're washable. If something happens to the teether- whether it's just been used alot and has a lot of slobber, possible spit up, germs, gets tossed in a parking lot- simply remove the fabric piece and toss it into the regular wash. When it comes out, simply knot it back onto your teething ring (after you've washed it, per it's directions) and your teether is as good as new!


Check back next weekend for my review on Clo Bird's Tulip case! 


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