Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fancy Kitchen Essentials- Reusable Sponges (Full Tutorial)

Who's ready to make your kitchen fancy? Want to brighten up your sink? Well grab your fabric and let's get to it with the reusable sponge tutorial!

To make your own reusable sponge you will need:

1- fat quarter of quilters cotton
1- fat quarter or terry cloth, bamboo terry, or wash cloth
1 square of 1 inch thick all purpose foam

*I would suggest Nufoam or something similar as your core. You want to make sure that whatever foam/sponge you pick is mildew resistant. These sponges are not antibacterial or antimicrobial. Make sure when purchasing your foam that you look at the washing instructions. You want foam that you can machine wash. These sponges are just like your regular kitchen washcloths, you will still need to wash them on a regular basis. Nufoam is available in squares that are 1 inch thick at fabric or craft stores. You'll find it by batting and pillow stuffing*

*If you're using washcloth as your backing material, do some shopping around.  I went to Ross and was able to find Ralph Lauren set of 8 for a really good price!*

Start by cutting your front cotton piece and back cloth piece. You will cut each 5.5" x 4"

Next you're going to cut your foam! You need a 4" x 3" piece of foam. I use a ball point pen to mark my cut lines.

Use a pair of regular scissors(not your sewing scissors) and cut along the lines on your foam. It seems like it would be hard, but I promise it's not!

 If your foam piece is not perfectly straight don't worry, it'll still work!

Next you're going to assemble your sponge casing! Start by putting your cloth and your cotton woven pieces right sides together.

Pin or clip around the outside to keep your cloth piece from shifting. Make sure to leave yourself a 1.5" opening along the bottom for turning.

Stitch around the outside of your sponge casing using a 1/4" seam allowance, backstitching at the beginning and end to secure your stitches. Make sure to leave yourself that 1.5" turning hole on the bottom.

Clip your threads and your corners and turn your sponge casing right side out through your turning hole.

Poke out your corners and your sponge casing should look like this:

Now it's time to stuff in the foam part of your sponge!

Pinch one end of your sponge between your thumb and pointer finger and stuff it into the opening of your casing.

Continue to slowly feed your foam into your sponge casing. Don't worry if it doesn't fit perfectly yet, we're going to fix that in a moment. Just get it all in there for now!

Once your foam piece is pushed all the way in, put your pointer finger into the sponge and push the corners of the foam into the corners of the casing. 

Once you've pushed the corners of your foam into the corners of your sponge casing you should have a small rectangle that fits snug. Fold your raw edges in to close your turning hole.

Pin or clip in place. Stitch across the bottom of your sponge (the end with your turning hole) using a 1/8" seam allowance backstitching at the beginning and end to secure your stitches. This will close your turning hole. Make sure you don't catch your sponge in your stitching.

Clip your threads, and there you have it! Your finished reusable sponge!

Brighten up your kitchen with all sorts of prints. You can match your sponge to your towels, or sneak in a splash of holiday . The combinations are endless!

*Make sure to read and follow the washing instructions on the foam you purchase*



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, they're a quick make and they're fun to have in the kitchen too! I hope you enjoy them!

  2. I'm guessing a microfiber cloth would work as the backing as well, right?

  3. Hi-What do you mean by "fat quarter"?

    1. A fat quarter is a piece of (usually) quilt cotton 18" x 22".