Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Steggie Ribbon Dino (full tutorial)

I've had a few requests to share some of my awesome stuffies with you guys, so here is the first! 

Steggie Dude!

This cute little guy is machine washable and dryable, has different ribbons as his spikes for littles to chew on, and is made out of soft flannel for cuddling.

Are you ready? Lets get started!

To make your own Steggie Dude you will need:

1/4 yard of fabric (I suggest flannel)
washable stuffing
ribbons of different colors and textures

*Before you do anything, print and cut your steggie dude template. Make sure he is printing at 100% size, not fit to page.*

Start by folding your fabric wrong sides together, this makes it easier to cut a mirror image pattern piece.

Cut a mirror image piece of your steggie dude, if you have folded your fabrics wrong sides together simply place your pattern piece ontop, pin and cut. 

When you remove your pattern piece you will have two mirror image pieces.

Next, decide how many ribbon spikes you want on your steggie and which type of ribbons you're going to use. I'm going to cut 6, different textured, different color ribbons. Cut them each approx. 2 inches long. 

Now we're going to give this little guy some spikes! Starting with one pattern piece RIGHT SIDE UP, take one ribbon, fold it in half and put the loop towards the INSIDE of your dino with the raw edges lining up - pin in place. 

Continue down the dino's back using all of your ribbons, fold, pin, move to the next one.

After you have pinned your ribbons in place it's time to get your two pieces put together! Lay your second pattern piece RIGHT SIDE DOWN (you will have right sides together) and pin along the edges. You can unpin your ribbons and re-pin all 4 layers (fabric, 2 ribbon layers, fabric) to keep them from shifting. Pin around your dino leaving yourself a 2 inch space for turning. 

*You want your open space to be on a straighter edge, I would suggest along the tail, or the upper part of the back.*

I made this guys opening a little too close to the end of his tail, oops!

Sew around your steggie using a 1/4" seam allowance, backstitching at beginning and end to secure your stitches.

Turn your steggie right side out through your turning hole.

Now the fun part! Make sure to use a chopstick, or turning tool to push out your steggie's feet, head, and tail. Then start stuffing! I have found using smaller pieces will allow you to have a softer, more full steggie. Start with his head and move along the body filling the feet and the back. 

Once you've filled everything (including the tail) fold your turn edges towards the inside and pin. 

Using a 1/8" seam allowance stitch the hole closed, back stitching at beginning and end to secure your stitches.

There you have it! A finished ribbon steggie!


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