Sunday, February 7, 2016

Heart Garland Fun (Full Tutorial)

Valentine's is approaching! I'm not usually a big Valentine's person, BUT - when crafts are involved I'll help decorate!

Here is a quick, cute, and easy to assemble heart garland that is sure to please!

To make your own (12 heart) garland you will need:

3 fat quarters of quilters cotton
1/4 of a pack of polyester stuffing
Heavy Duty thread
25 inches of ribbon

Start by cutting out one of your heart templates. 

Fold your fabric wrong sides together, pin your template and cut. 

Cut 12 sets (or however many hearts you would like to have) of hearts. You will have both front and back pieces.

Now it's time to assemble your hearts. I find it easiest to sew all your hearts, turn all your hearts, stuff all your hearts, then close all your hearts rather than making one heart at a time.

Place your hearts right sides together, sew around the outside of your heart with a 1/4" seam allowance. When you get to the point at the bottom, and the point of the top curve, put your needle into the down position and lift your presser foot and turn your fabric. This will give you a pointy edge. Leave yourself a 1" turning hole on one of the non curved edges.

Follow the same steps on your remaining hearts. At the end you'll have a pile of stitched hearts! 

Now we're going to turn our hearts right side out! Start by clipping the very tip off all of your hearts. Then, using a turning tool turn your hearts right side out through your turning hole. I use my tool to push out all of my curved edges, make sure you push out the point at the bottom.

Continue turning and poking out the points of your remaining hearts.

Using your polyester stuffing, stuff each heart. 

*Tip: use small pieces of fluff, this will give your heart a more rounded and full look*

Continue stuffing the rest of your hearts. When your'e done you'll have a nice pile of little stuffed hearts. Now it's time to stitch them closed!

Fold in your turning hole edge and pin it closed, using a 1/8" seam allowance stitch your heart closed along the edge. Make sure to backstitch at the beginning and end to secure your stitches.

Stitch all of your hearts closed. 

Now it's time to attach our end ribbons! Pick which two hearts you want on the ends of your garland and pull them aside. Cut two ribbon pieces between 8-10" long.

Take your ribbon, and fold one edge over 1/4" towards the RIGHT side. This will hide the raw edge on the backside of your heart.

Pin your folded over ribbon to the BACK edge of one of your hearts.

Turn your heart over and stitch your ribbon in place, using a 1/8" seam allowance from the edge of your heart. 

Your ribbon should look like this:

Follow the same steps attaching your ribbon to your second heart for the opposite side, making sure to place your ribbon on the opposite side of the heart.

Now is the fun part! You get to string your hearts! Grab some thick, heavy duty thread and all of your hearts.

Start by laying your hearts out in the order you will want them strung onto your garland. Make sure you place your hearts with the ribbons on the two ends of your garland.

Thread your thick thread onto a straight needle. I didn't measure here, but my garland is about 2 feet long. You want enough thread that you have plenty of space to work if you want a longer garland. 

Starting on the left hand side or your garland, thread your needle through the SECOND hump on your heart with a ribbon. (You don't need to string through the first, because it has the decorative ribbon on the other side).

Tie a knot over the top to secure your thread.

String your needle through the first hump on the next heart in line, then pass through the second hump on the same heart.

Your first to second heart should look like this. Continue stringing your hearts, going through one hump then the next until you get to your last heart (which has the ribbon on it). When you get to your last heart, only go through the FIRST hump.

Now is when you get to decide how long you want your garland to be. You'll find that your hearts will slide on your thread, and then stay in place once you let go. Slide your hearts along the thread evenly spacing them until your garland is the length you would like it. Now tie a knot on the last heart to secure your thread.

Use the decorative ribbons on the ends of your garland for hanging and get ready to admire your finished garland!

Ready. Set. SEW!

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